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Navigating The Dark Night of Your Soul | Dear UNIVERSE

by Sean Patrick Simpson

I want you to know something…

You are a resilient soul. 

No matter what is going on in your life, whether it’s financial struggles, heart-break, family issues, health challenges or what have you…

You are…

A resilient soul. 

Now what do I mean by that? 

It’s simple. 

The thing is, when we are going through these dark times in life, it can often feel like there’s no way out. 

What was once a bright reality and hopeful future now feels like a distant memory from long ago.  

What’s worse, the memory is fading. 

Changing shape. 

Changing form. 

Was it even real? 

Where did it go? 

What happened to my life? 

Will I ever get through this? 

Why did this happen? 

How did this happen?! 

Why God… why Dear UNIVERSE… why?!! 


Take a breath. 



Pause a little longer and…

If in any way you’ve been through an experience like this before, I want you to know this: 

I see you. 

I hear you, and…

You will get through this. 

It will be okay.

In the throes of pain it can feel impossible. 

Like our entire world is collapsing. 

Like “everything” is caving in and before you know it, the deepest sense of hopelessness manifests, making it feel impossible that we can ever be ourselves again. 

We even wonder, who am I really? 

And it’s because at this juncture, we’ve lost sight of who we are. 

It may be that we lost sight of a small part of ourselves.

Or we may even feel like we’ve lost such a grasp on who we are that the answer to “who am I? is…


Dead. Deafening. Painful. Silence. 

If there’s no answer to my question, “who am I?”, then what’s the point? 

What’s the purpose? 

Is there any meaning? 

And here’s what I’m here to tell you: 

Yes, there is a purpose. Yes there is meaning. And yes, you WILL find yourself again.

And if you're willing to be open to the possibility, it will likely be a new, far better and improved version of yourself. The YOU who you were always meant to become and, this time right now? It's your right of passage.

But I digress..

The question you asked with the deafening silence? Well...

Now is not the time for answers. 

That silence you received is the answer. 

At least for now. At least for this moment. And that’s okay. 

On the flip side, maybe it’s not silence you received.

Maybe it’s a flurry of chaotic thoughts that make you feel like you’re in a hurricane of confusion…

That’s okay too. 

That silence or chaos is simply the antithesis of that one thing that eventually brings joy.

That one thing is clarity.

And it’s perfectly okay that clarity is not here right now (it will come). 

So here’s what to do: 

Let it be. 

I know, easier said than done. 

If you’re in a flurry of pain, sadness or depression…

If you’re in that dark night of the soul, there’s something inside of you screaming to get out. 

Let it be. 

Now is not the time for solutions. 

And now is not the time for resistance…

What now is the time for is giving yourself permission to feel whatever you’re feeling and allowing it to come through you in the waves it needs too. 

Allow it to be. 

No inherent thought or feeling has to have with it a meaning or a conclusion. 

They just need to accepted.

And most importantly of all: 

You need to accept yourself.

Love yourself for all that you are. 

You are beautiful, even in your pain and suffering. 

And I know — if you’re in the pits right now, hearing the words “just love yourself” can come across as a borderline insult.

“How could I possibly love myself right now?”

It’s okay. 

The gift I’m offering you is a seed. 

If you choose to accept it — your job right now isn’t to take that seed and imagine the grand nature of what it could be one day. 


Just take the seed and place it in the soil. 

If you can muster the strength, give it a little water, and then allow it to be. 

When the time is right, you will remember once again:

You are a resilient soul. 

And the love you are meant to manifest within yourself will arise when the time is right. 

It won’t arrive early. And it won’t arrive late. 

It will arrive in the perfect divine timing it is meant to for the evolution of your soul. 

Until then, just remember these final words. 

This too shall pass. 

And you will get through this. 



Sean Patrick Simpson

P. S. If you read this far, then you most definitely were meant to read this today. 

There must be some level of resonance or alignment that had you nodding with either the recognition of a time you’ve lived in, or a time that you’re going through now. 

Just remember you are not alone. 

Even if it feels like you are, you are not alone. 

There are people you can reach out to for support. 

There are resources available to you to help you through this time. 

3 resource we can help you with if you feel like you need that extra support navigating through this are as follows: 


1. The 21-Day Meditation Journey: If you’ve never taken part in this experience, then do yourself a favor and start this journey now. It takes less than a minute to enroll and you will be amazed at how things change for you in just 21-days. 

The experience you’re going through now has called this in as a resource that will help you navigate the ups and downs, and even better… begin taking you to more solid ground. 

Day 1 is “Awakening & Alignment.

Day 2 is “Clarity & Intention.” 

And those are just the first two days! 

During The 21-Day Meditation Journey you will not only strengthen your intuition and emotions to begin to trust that all good things ARE indeed coming your way… you’ll also begin to manifest more peace, stillness, clarity and presence.  

Sarah Prout recorded these meditations as a unique experience to activate within you the magic that is divinely yours. So if you feel aligned, enroll yourself now here.


2. Your Guided Manifestation Journal: When you’re in the state of mind we discussed before, it can feel nearly impossible to do “anything.” That’s why going back to basics can be so helpful. Meditation is one thing. Journaling is another. 

But what if even the idea of getting your thoughts on paper is a daunting task? 

Enter the Dear UNIVERSE Guided Manifestation Journal… 

It’s easy to follow. It’s a 100% guided experience. And it takes just minutes a day. 

The best part? Each day you start your day feeling CONNECTED to the Universe… so you’re not alone as you’re navigating through these times. And even night you end your day in REFLECTION, which is a great state to be in as you navigate turbulent times. 

Whether you’re getting your first one or are ready to stock up, you can get your next manifestation journal here. 


3. Future Self: Dream Life Visualization: While my first recommendation for a guided meditation experience is the 21-Day Meditation Journey (which contains both 5-minute and 20-minute tracks each day so it’s easy whether you’re busy or have more time for self-care)… another “dip your toes in the water” meditation experience is this Future Self: Dream Life Visualization that Sarah Prout recently recorded. 


This exceptionally high frequency audio includes a 20-minute guided visualization experience, masterfully crafted to help you envision and manifest your ideal future. 

As a seasoned meditation & spiritual teacher, Sarah possess a unique ability to guide you into deeper states of consciousness, elevating your frequency and vibration beyond the ordinary. Through this meditation, you will vividly imagine living your perfect day, embodying true abundance, attracting your soul mate, residing in your dream home, and strategically pacing towards your ultimate dream life.

The beauty of this visualization lies in its cumulative effect; the more you engage with it, the greater your awareness expands, and the deeper the wisdom becomes ingrained in your being. 

You can pick up a copy of this meditation here.

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