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5 Common Misconceptions About Being Spiritual



Some treat it as religion, others view it as a lifestyle, while some see it as nothing but a series of styles and aesthetics. 

Though spirituality may mean something different to everyone, one thing we all share is society’s wide range of misconceptions regarding what it means to be “spiritual.” 

To avoid falling victim to these misconceptions, we’ve narrowed them down to five of the most common — this way, we can be mindful of any limiting beliefs we may be imposing on ourselves or our peers.

Let’s dive in. 

5 Common Misconceptions About Being Spiritual:

1. You can’t pursue wealth

Some claim that spiritual people should not need money to feel happy or fulfilled. While it’s true that real happiness comes from the soul and not the wallet, we tend to forget that money is the currency of service and the manifestation of energy…  

Which is why there is nothing wrong with pursuing a fair, tangible return on your creative and energetic contributions to the world. The pursuit of wealth only becomes a problem when we value it over the pursuit of love, peace, and what’s right.   

2. You must always be positive 

There isn’t a single negative situation that should not be approached with positivity… 


First, we must acknowledge the reality of our circumstances and accept that things, right now, seem less than ideal. Darkness and negativity are not only facts of life, they are one-half of the Universe’s divine duality. Without the bleakness of negativity, we could never know the hope of positivity. 

To reach the positive, we must acknowledge and accept the negative. The only way out is through. 

3. You can’t enjoy worldly things 

It may be hard for some to comprehend, but revering the Universe and cherishing the world are not mutually exclusive. In fact, seeing as the earth is a product of the Universe's divine magic, we can’t truly connect with the Universe until we have connected with the world. 

Spirituality is not about separating the divine from the worldly — it’s about seeing the divine in the worldly, and appreciating our lives all the more for it. 

4. You must not believe in science 

There seems to be this general assumption that a spiritual identity or belief in the Divine means denying or ignoring the world of science. This is one of the more tiring misconceptions.  

We do not view science as evidence against spirituality — we view it as evidence for spirituality. Science is the intention and genius of the Universe in observable form; it is a set of universal laws so undeniably perfect that we know they must have come from a source of Divine creativity. 

If we had to guess, this misconception is based on our tendency to see through illusions and understand the potential for science to be corporatized and corrupted by interests that prefer profit over truth. 

5. You can’t ever have moments of doubt 

This misconception transcends the new-age movement and causes unnecessary struggle across all belief systems. Why? 

Because we have forgotten the true meaning of the word “faith.” 

Faith does not mean unquestionable, unwavering certainty. It means that despite your doubts, fears, and worries, you return to the same place of hopeful and loving trust.

This is what makes our connection with the Divine so powerful — that no matter what dark corners we may wander off to, we always come back to the Universe. 


We urge you to practice your spirituality in whatever ways bring you comfort, growth, and fulfillment. We mustn’t put ourselves in boxes that deny our will and freedom to revere the Divine through our own special methods — after all, the Universe created us freely and wants us to live that way. 

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