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How to Disagree With People


No two souls have seen the Universe through the same set of eyes. We may come from one divine source, but we are still unique individuals with our own experiences, perspectives, and personalities.

While these differences lead us to places of tremendous discovery and growth, they also give us excuses to fear and hurt one another… especially in the year 2024. Our collective suffering may feel unbearable, but the solution is never to fight or deny these differences. 

The key to peaceful (and productive) disagreement comes in two simple steps:

  1. Reshaping our understanding of what it means to disagree.  
  2. Realizing that disagreement is natural, necessary, and advantageous. 

Let’s begin with Step #1: 

The reason disagreements cause such turmoil is because of our mass, shared misunderstanding of what a disagreement is. Though there are exceptions in more extreme cases, the overwhelming truth is that…

Disagreement is not a personal conflict, but a matter of communication. 

We attach our identities to certain concepts, and so when someone else contradicts those concepts, we interpret it as a personal attack. This makes us unwilling and unable to see the other person’s perspective — we engage in a futile cycle of offense and defense, arguing for our humanity rather than mutual awareness. 

Once we accept that the vast majority of disagreements are rooted in well-intentioned misunderstandings, we become willing to hear the other party’s perspective and communicate our own. 

Now, for Step #2:  

Disagreements can be very uncomfortable, but as we know, the space beyond our comfort zones is fraught with hope and opportunity. 

As long as we fear and avoid disagreement, we will never be able to handle it. We must realize that disagreement is 100% necessary for the health and advancement of our collective consciousness, because growth cannot occur without something to stimulate it…

And a planet of people who see everything the same way could never do that. 

When we come together and share our unique viewpoints, we expand our awareness as individuals and community; by gaining new perspectives, we gain new appreciation for the intricacies of our Universe.

Yes, disagreements can lead to pain, but the source of this pain is never the disagreements themselves…

It is our unwillingness to work through them with compassion and civility, which becomes much easier when we reshape our understanding of disagreement and its role in our collective consciousness. 

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