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5 Steps to Master the Matrix


Over the last few years, “the Matrix” has reemerged as a concept of great spiritual significance.  

Popularized by the iconic film of the same name, “the Matrix” is an expansive term used to describe the systems and structures of society that limit our senses of meaning, self, and potential. 

While we can all agree the Matrix poses a threat to our collective consciousness, the majority of contemporary thought leaders preach “escaping” the Matrix as our only solution… 

But we say otherwise. 

When our main goal is to escape the Matrix, we grant it mastery over us by operating out of pure fear and panic. We build it up as a force of impending doom, destined to destroy us if we don’t find our way out of it.  

We must choose to master the Matrix, so that it can’t master us. 

How? With these 5 Practical Steps


1. Embrace uncertainty 

The reality of our Universe is perpetually uncertain — when we fight to know and understand things that don’t have to (or aren’t meant to) be known or understood, we perpetuate our fear of the unknown… 

Which the Matrix depends on to exist. After all, we are easier to master and manipulate when we value answers and security over uncertainty and freedom. 

By embracing uncertainty as a simple fact of life, we no longer limit reality to our own understanding and achieve a newfound sense of freedom to engage with the unknown. We are free to pursue and experience our soul’s desires because we have surrendered our need to know where they will take us. 


2. Know your principles 

People lose themselves in the Matrix when they lack a strong spiritual compass. We can all fall victim to tribal, dogmatic mentalities where groups and egos reign supreme over values and ideas.

We must know what we believe in and keep sight of it.  

This does not mean being close-minded regarding topics of culture, politics, religion, or spirituality — it means being steadfast in your intent to act and live through the principles you hold dear (for ex: love, courage, compassion, honesty, etc). 

When we form our spiritual identity through values rather than groups, we see through the Matrix and remain consistent in our beliefs, regardless of circumstances. 


3. Focus on the bigger picture 

Excessive focus on details and minutia creates unawareness and disconnection because it prevents us from seeing the grand scope of Universal truth. 

The Matrix is nothing more than an extremely convincing illusion — it is our choice to lift the veil that blinds us to divine reality. 

When we step back to view the bigger picture, we see the intentional harmony that connects all things. The imaginary shackles of the Matrix are revealed in their true trivial form, as they pale in size and power to the Universe’s plans.  

The 13-Week Guided Manifestation Journal by Dear UNIVERSE is a highly useful tool for reminding ourselves of the bigger picture and its divine design. If you don’t have yours yet, get it here today


4. Abandon assumptions 

The Matrix not only tells us what is normal and what is abnormal — it tells us to praise what is normal and reject what is abnormal. 

For example…

The Matrix tells us that going to college, getting a degree, and working a steady job so we can enjoy retirement down the line, is normal. It tells us that chasing independent pursuits, working for ourselves, and enjoying every chapter of our lives is abnormal, radical, and reckless. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional model of life, but we should not pursue it because we assume it’s “normal,” just as we should not pursue a more unique path because we assume it’s “abnormal…” 

We should decide our pursuits based on whether or not they sit right with our spirit; whether or not something seems “normal” is meaningless and irrelevant.  

The Matrix is a system of limiting beliefs that relies on us making constant, rigid  assumptions about each other and ourselves. 


5. Be a beacon of hope for others

Widespread fear induces great awakenings, which is why so many lightworkers like yourself are becoming fully aware of their limitless powers. When we stand united against the illusions that seek to divide us, we elevate the collective consciousness above and beyond the walls of the Matrix. 

It starts with you, using your divine energy to uplift, inspire, and guide those around you. 


The Matrix is a web of illusions that has mastered much of the human race through consistent, convincing programming. Rather than grant this system unnecessary power by frantically trying to escape it...

We can learn to master it for our benefit and strengthen our spiritual sovereignty as both divine individuals and the collective human family. 

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