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Understanding Yourself as a Vessel for the Divine


Most of our doubts stem from the subconscious, underlying fear that we are defined by our emotions and circumstances. While these elements are significant factors of our life experience, and we should always work to improve them…

They do not define who we are. 

The truth is that we are energetic vessels who channel and embody the Universe’s wide range of vibrations. 

There is virtually nothing permanent about the things we think, feel, or do — the energy that passes through us is not us. We are malleable and transformable, which is something to celebrate. 

Yes, while it’s true that all high-frequency energy is subject to ebb and flow and depart, the same applies to any and all low-frequency energy. Your feelings of hope and confidence may not always be with you, but this is just as true for your feelings of fear and doubt. 

Like all Universal laws, this one exists in duality.

That being said, we still have the power to influence what kind of energy inhabits us most often. This is through inspired action — consistently engaging in high-vibration practices such as:

  • Meditation 
  • Positive affirmations
  • Journaling
  • Physical exercise…

Instills clarity and confidence within. 

When inspired action manifests into habits, you become a self-autonomous vessel who controls the energy you access and embody. It is then easier for you to cherish your energetic malleability as a strength, rather than resent it as a weakness.  

The 13-Week Guided Manifestation Journal by Dear UNIVERSE is a tried and true resource for inspiring action and cultivating high-frequency habits that make you a vessel for the Universe’s most divine energy. If you don’t have yours yet, get it here today.  

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