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The Art of Casual Manifestation


Contrary to popular belief, manifestation does not always have to pertain to grandiose, down-the-line ambitions. 

Integrating manifestation into the ordinary spaces of our everyday routines is an excellent way to master the practice and reap its rewards.

Perhaps your main goal with manifestation is to create a life of financial and personal freedom. While this goal is of course entirely achievable, it may seem a bit overwhelming when it comes time to take action in the present moment.  

That’s where the art of casual manifestation comes in. 

It is only normal to feel small in the face of your tremendous visions and dreams — but by focusing on the present-moment tasks at hand, and then taking inspired action to achieve them, we not only inch closer and closer to our dreams…

We get increasingly better at manifesting.  

Let’s say you want to create a vision board for your long-term goals. You realize, however, that you’re out of paper and so now you’ve got to run to the store.

Rather than view your trip to the store as a mere chore, view it as another act of manifestation: “In order to manifest the life of my dreams, I must first manifest this trip to the store.” 

Every action you take along your creative journey is an act of manifestation in and of itself…

You are not crossing off a to-do list, you are manifesting reality before your very eyes.  

Just as you are perfectly capable of manifesting dinner, a full night’s sleep, your morning commute, that important phone call, and the words you speak…

You are perfectly capable of manifesting the life of your dreams. All it takes is this step-by-step approach of acknowledging and utilizing your divine magic in each moment. 

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