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Manifest with the Law of Assumption


To assume is to believe, with far less proof, but just as much certainty. 

When we assume something to be true — whether or not it really is true — we give it our authorized consent to become true. By applying this foolproof power of Assumption to the manifestation process, we engage the Universe as not only a collaborative partner, but a window into our abundant futures.

The Law of Assumption (popularized by the great Neville Goddard) states that by assuming the things we want are already ours, we set forth the necessary circumstances for their materialization.

How so? Let us explain… 

Belief dictates experience. A person who is convinced of their own imminent failure, creates a reality designed for their imminent failure to come to fruition. Defeat becomes the only destiny they can envision, and therefore it is the only destiny that can materialize. 

On the flip side…

One who assumes they are destined for abundance and fulfillment, compels the Universe to cooperate with that (Law of) Assumption. 

Belief commands action and action commands reality. When we assume that what we desire is already ours, we behave as such and embody the feeling of our wishes fulfilled. Even when they have not yet been fulfilled, by persisting with this feeling, we allow The Law of Assumption to do what it does best: decide what becomes real

Our desires may be subjective, but when we assume that they come from a place of objective truth, we give them freedom to manifest. The world teaches us to search for evidence in everything but ourselves, when the truth of the matter is that your desire is evidence enough… 

You want it because it belongs to you

We don’t decide our desires, we recognize them. They are not things we force, rather things we discover. When we view these desires as not merely expressions of our present, but glimpses of our future, we allow that future to unfold. 

Through the Law of Assumption, our wildest wishes are no longer hopeful, they’re inevitable

Think about it — it’s as sensible as it is simple! Why else would these desires run through your mind day and night? Why else would they feel as vivid as the ground you’re standing on? Why else would these visions come to you in a way as natural and instinctive as breathing? The only reasonable answer is that they are yours, and they’ve come to remind you of this. 

The Law of Assumption is the empowering, radical belief that our deepest desires are already ours. By practicing this approach, we place our faith in the fortuitous wisdom of the Universe, and allow our realities to manifest in accordance with our assumptions.  

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  • Invoke the power of the Universe
  • A proven system to manifest your dreams
  • Instantly attract love, joy, abundance and more
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