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7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

by Team Dear UNIVERSE

The Universe can only co-create with vibrations that match its own...

While we are all divine beings by nature, we can still become vessels for uninspired, low-frequency energy.

When this energy consumes our beliefs and motivations, we can no longer hear what the Universe is telling us, and our creative flame begins to flicker.

By taking inspired action to raise our vibrations to a higher frequency, we reverse self-limiting beliefs and remove blockages to abundance. When we vibrate high, we harmonize with the frequency of the Universe, and open the floodgates of limitless abundant creation. 

Here are 7 ways to raise your vibration so you can start manifesting now:


1. Practice Gratitude

Perspective is the ultimate power. When we focus on the less-than-ideal aspects of our lives, we let beliefs of scarcity rule our experience. We can instead choose to focus on all we have to be grateful for, and in doing so, reprogram our minds a high-frequency state of thankfulness, abundance, and peace. By redirecting our perspective, we can redirect our vibration. 

2. Shed Old Skins 

Many people think that to attract more, we need to do more. The truth, however, is that many spiritual roadblocks are not due to lack, but to excess.  Rather than searching for what you need but don’t have, try shedding what you have but don’t need. Low-frequency habits, relationships, and media can be sources of unrealized negativity that deplete your energy and lower your vibration. 

3. Practice Mindfulness

Our world moves fast, our minds move faster. It can be very hard to notice, let alone appreciate, the sheer everythingness of it all. When we go about life unaware of what our minds, hearts and souls are telling us, we engage in a form of spiritual bypassing that lowers our energetic frequency. Mindfulness, on the other hand, helps us notice all things taking place within us, including important sensations such as grief, anger, and fear. When we develop this universal awareness, we raise our vibrations by achieving harmony with our spirit. 

4. Reconnect With Your Inner Child

Remember being depressed when you were four? Me neither. Children don’t have much space for long-term sadness because they’re too busy letting intuition guide their every step. By reconnecting with our inner child, we can reopen doors we never knew had closed, and access the part of us that vibrates highest. Create for the sake of creating, dance for the sake of dancing, whatever it is that brings you back to your most fundamental, free, inspired self. 

5. Practice Radical Acceptance 

Those who love to manifest tend to love a challenge. There is a fine line, however, between testing our abilities and fighting what we can’t control. When we resist the divine plan of the Universe, we engage in a futile struggle that drains energy and lowers vibration. By learning to accept that which we cannot change, we give our souls a much-needed break from this pointless fighting, and realign ourselves with the frequency of all things. 

6. Spread Positivity

Sometimes the best way to lift ourselves is by lifting others! It can be easy to forget that we are one human spirit, accessing and experiencing the Universe through each other. The simple act of complimenting a stranger, reaching out to an old friend, or doing something nice for a loved one can raise our vibrations through the shared energetic experience that bonds us all. 

7. Use Affirmations  

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we’re thinking and feeling that we forget the power of what we’re speaking! Our world bombards us with negative affirmations through direct and subliminal messaging, which we often internalize without even realizing it.

When we take responsibility for the affirmations in our control, we become the masters of our own mental and emotional wellbeing. Even when our thoughts and emotions feel overwhelmingly negative, our words hold the power to prove them wrong. Positive affirmations empower us to speak our way out of self-limiting beliefs and replace them with high-vibration sentiments of worthiness, joy, and excitement.  



These 7 practical steps toward a high-vibration life will clear your mind and unleash your creative potential. Prepare to harmonize with the energy of the Universe by taking inspired action and raising your frequency to new, divine heights. 

Remember, your Daily Manifestation Journal is a fantastic resource for raising your vibration, navigating your emotions, and manifesting your dreams. 

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