Pearls Of Consciousness 1 - Original Intuitive Painting by Sarah Prout


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Description: Completely created in a flow-state of intuition, this painting was guided by the intention that it would activate the energy of super-consciousness and wisdom for the person who claims it as their own.

The Meaning: The concept of "Pearls of Consciousness" suggests a journey of inner discovery and enlightenment, where each pearl contributes to a greater understanding of oneself and the world. This journey is deeply personal and can be visualized as a string of luminous pearls, each one a milestone in the journey of personal growth, activated intuition and self-realization.

Fun Fact: I first painted a galaxy image under this piece before the pearls emerged. 

The Intention & Affirmation: Each ‘pearl’ was accompanied by this affirmation.

“Dear Universe, I am intuitively guided in all aspects of my life..”

Archival Materials: I was guided to choose a variety of pastel/feminine hues when selecting the pigments - from rich magenta to undertones of fluorescent  pink. This piece has been created in the highest quality archival materials which have resulted in a beautiful texturized feeling of the canvas so that gives it added dimension and depth.

It has been varnished, sealed and UV protected. Signed by me on the front. A hand-written note of appreciation comes with the painting along with the title and unique affirmation for the piece.

Size: 20″ x 20″  (50.8 cm x 50.8cm)

Framing: The painting is unframed.

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