I am ready for abundance. I am ready for love. I am ready for happiness.


Dear Universe, I am ready for clarity abundance guidance true love vibrant health happiness

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The Cosmic Collection

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Loving Dear UNIVERSE?

Enjoying your 13-Week Guided Manifestation Journals? 

Now expand your journey with the Dear UNIVERSE Cosmic Collection.

Featuring the exquisite artwork of bestselling author Sarah Prout, this specially curated collection includes:

  • Invocation Sticky Notes: Imprint your desires and affirmations.

  • Cosmic Journal, 3-Pack: Record your thoughts and inspirations.

  • Cosmic Bookmarks, 2-Pack: Enhance your reading experience.

  • Cosmic Greeting Cards, 10-Pack: Share heartfelt messages with loved ones.

  • 7-Day Dear UNIVERSE Meditation Album (digital): Strengthen your intuition and your emotions to trust that all good things are coming your way. 

Tap into the potential of the Universe and manifest your dreams with your all-new Cosmic Collection.

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