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Why Manifesting Should Be Fun


Manifestation is the ultimate demonstration of human creativity. It is the extraordinary process of inspiration, action, and materialization. 

Whether or not you will enjoy this process is entirely up to you. Like all things, it boils down to perspective, specifically the perspective you choose to have. We can choose to view manifestation as just another task, another grueling mountain to climb… 

Or we can choose to view manifestation as a fun, deeply playful process where we take objects from our imagination and invite them into the material world. 

In order to manifest, we must take inspired action — for many people, that translates to nothing other than work, which we tend to view as the opposite of play. Work is strenuous, exhausting, and ultimately unenjoyable. Play is fun, amusing, and very enjoyable. 

When we view manifestation as nothing but work, and view work as nothing but tedious, we cloud the manifestation process with negativity and conflict. And since the Universe can only co-create with energy that matches its own, our efforts are rendered ineffective and futile.  

We must choose the other approach. We must choose to believe that we don’t have to manifest…

…We get to manifest. 

We get to harness our divine magic and make existence out of non-existence. We get to enjoy the sacred dance of creation, where the borders between imagination and reality dissolve and everything lives in its purest potentiality. We get to co-create with the same divine force that created us. Our manifestation powers are a gift, not a burden, and it is our choice to view them as such. 

Do you think the Universe was exasperated and stressed out when it created the sun? Or the earth? Or you? That doesn’t seem very plausible. After all, things don’t manifest because they have to, they manifest because they want to. The nature of creation is inherently playful. 

If we choose to view manifestation as a feat of exhausting labor, a grueling struggle against a Universe that wants us to fail…  

…That is exactly what it will be. 

If we choose to view manifestation as a chance to play in the cosmic sandbox of mind and matter, where we tap into the full potential of our divine power… 

…That is exactly what it will be! 

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